Jeune Juif

It's Passover -- a holiday that garners little note in any corner of devoutly Catholic France, except for Paris' historically Jewish district, le Marais. Times have changed, and though much of Paris' Jewish population still inhabits le Marais, so do innumerable cafes, boutiques, falafel stands and "alternate lifestyle" establishments. It's an eclectic mix that peacefully coexists on the district's ancient, narrow streets.

On this Passover Sabbath, the shops were mostly closed and the streets were largely quiet. This young man may have needed a break from family activities and found a post against which to lean, looking dapper and retro-cool in his traditional Orthodox apparel. Not wishing to disturb his thoughts or make him self-conscious, this shot was taken surreptitiously from the hip, which preserved his intense tranquility and accounts for the slanted angle of the framing, which adds to the attitude embodied in his posture.